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The power of Social Influence! MavenSocial will unlock the influencers who can impact your brand. Maven discovers data and insight on the individual influencers who will bring the most measurable reach, engagement and economic impact.

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Influencer Analytics
MavenSocial evaluates the economic impact of an influencer with its Patent Pending formula for measuring Economic Impact. Each dot in the diagram represents a contact influenced by Debra Smithton.
The MavenScore is an algorithm measuring the true value of an influencer for a brand. Debra has a score of 63 out of 100. Her reach of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In is only 631 but has engaged 73 of those contacts.
MavenSocial enables the development of a database of prospects and brand mavens or influencers. The above diagram illustrates the top influencer in this group is Debra Smithton who has brought in 74 influencers directly but through her network brought in 134 prospects in total. Most engagements identify 50 or more influencers who have brought in an at least one prospect.
Engagement Tools, Sharing and Audience Data
The Maven Social Sharing Dashboard produces metrics on total "shares out" by influencers by platform (i.e. how many shares have been pushed through Maven). The dashboard also indicates the total number of "shares in” (i.e. the goal shares pulled in as a result of Maven). Data is provided by both visitor count and contact count.
MavenSocial with coded links measure the impact of Earned Media (free/organic) - the above dashboard indicates 1,610 Opt-ins (73.9%) or prospects came through Earned Media and 26.1% through Paid Media emphasizing the value of Earned Media.
The MavenSocial Site Builder and Widget Tool supports the development of engagements with templates or widgets (iFrames) which can be set up in Maven or on third party sites to track influencers and provide Social Analytics.
MavenSocial helps brands understand their audience with data tools providing both social and consumer data pulled from the email of an engaged user.
The MavenSocial dashboard indicates the Amplification of free organic visits from Social Media in this example at 80%, Generating 6,875 visits of 8,606 from Earned Media (free/organic).

Influencer Analytics

Maven will enhance your brand’s social database by actioning Paid and Owned Media, and identifying influencers/ bloggers who generate the most reach and ROI. Begin a powerful influencer marketing program with mavens who are powering your brand today.

Paid, Owned and Earned Media

Leverage Owned Assets (eMail, Website, Twitter and Facebook,) and Paid Media (Google Ads, TV, Facebook Ads & Direct Mail) and generate Earned Media(sharing, referrals, social organic) to reduce marketing costs and expand.

Social Media ROI

Many of today’s social platforms measure sentiment or buzz as engagement. MavenSocial measures influencer engagement, visits, sharing, sales and ROI.

Social CRM

The Maven SocialCRM collects all data captured and provides a social context from Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn Authorizations along with demographic and influencer audience data. Data can be exported to excel for further processing or delivered via API to your favourite CRM.