Increase Online Donations by a minimum of 10% via Earned Media, Social and Influencers.


  1. MavenSocial Proprietary Donation & Sharing Portal.
  2. Donation Portal uses ‘Owned’ emails, Direct Mail and Sharing to amplify messaging with friends from their Social Networks and email.
  3. Organic influencers and most effective sharing platforms are identified to build email database and donors.

Client Resources:

Client manages internal email assets and design and recommends potential influencers.

  1. Internal resources deploys multiple targeted emails from existing donors.
  2. Internal team adds appropriate tracking code to emails and posts links on social media networks.

MavenSocial Results:

MavenSocial increased in 6 months overall online donations by 10%.

  1. MavenSocial campaign directly attributed to significant trackable donations in the six month period
  2. MavenSocial captured over 1,000 new donor emails.
  3. MavenSocial identified 10 key influencers who had proven record in generating both emails and donations
  4. Earned Media accounted for almost 40% of the overall donations.
  5. Direct Mail was amplified and generated over 50% of the online donations.
Significant new donations
from existing and new
Social Media accounted for
of total donations
Lift Delivered
over last year
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