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What makes the MavenSocial platform so unique in the Influencer space is specifically it’s patent-pending attribution capability.  MavenSocial is the only platform in its space capable of measuring and attributing depth-of-influence – going beyond merely the first degree of separation.
Content is initially distributed by an Influencer through the MavenSocial Influencer Portal and out to blogs, social networks and other digital properties.  As people read and share the content, MavenSocial follows that content along whatever paths it takes, tracking it for as long as it continues to move or be engaged, very much like how GPS works.   Whether tracking impressions, hashtags, calls-to-action or even sales, MavenSocial goes the distance in tracking depth-of-influence.   When a KPI of ‘number of impressions’ or ‘number of hashtags’ is set, an Influencer can now reach their target much faster – because they are able to take into account both the impressions or hashtags they are directly responsible for from their initial content distribution (first-level width) – as well as all of the related views and hashtags that are created indirectly, as a result of multiple levels of sharing throughout their networks (multi-level depth).   It all gets attributed back to the original Influencer.  No other platform does this – and that’s the ‘IP’ – the pending patent – the real value of MavenSocial.

As an Influencer, these analytics, captured in your very own MavenSocial Influencer App, become very valuable to you as you seek to work on various Influencer campaigns with brands and agencies – allowing you to prove or validate your true influence.  It literally becomes your ‘Influencer Resume’.

As a brand or agency, being able to capture these metrics for a team of Influencers you engage in your various campaigns is invaluable in determining authentic influence – and reducing the amount of time and budget required to reach associated campaign KPIs.

Click here to connect with us and we will take you ‘under the hood’ of this unique platform, so you can experience it first-hand.  I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

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