The overall objective Increase the number of account opens on a per marketing campaign basis.Utilize Social Media in combination with traditional email and direct mail strategies to increase visits by 20%. Provide concise and actionable results that prove the value of social media as a viable incremental value to existing marketing strategies.

Actionable 12 month Program:

Produce a Share & Win Campaign microsite with embedded email registration form. Provide a questionnaire to qualify respondents and provide a $500 Visa Gift Card incentive. A sharing widget to increase amplification Setup MavenSocial CRM and Analytics to track all sharing activities. Provide a series of discount coupon offers for special account incentives and tag email promotion and direct mail to track 6 week campaign

Program Outcome:

A total of 288 prospects opened 426 new accounts, 342 general accounts, 33 checking accounts, 32 savings accounts, 17 auto loans, 2 money market accounts. Solution was successful in integrating traditional marketing strategies with social media and adding 26% amplification over traditional direct mail. Earned media added a 19% increase in account opens, reduced the cost of acquisition significantly and added significantly to the owned contact base for future marketing promotions.

Total Accounts Opens to Date
Growth of Owned Assets
544 Emails
Amplification on Opt-ins (Lift)
Total Number of Influencers