Do you know the value of your customer?

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Get your e-com sales where they need to be by leveraging the power of Maven activations and insights.


MavenSocial had the opportunity to partner with a business in the Natural Health Product industry, put together a strategy and execute a plan that was focused on reducing marketing costs, increasing measurable revenues and building a database of prospects.

By integrating the MavenSocial platform we were able to measure paid and owned media channels, analyze the return and understand the value of each outbound campaign they were running.

After monitoring their activity for over 4 months we were able to identify that their owned media was providing the highest ROI in regards to orders ($). PAID media was responsible for less than 14% of total online sales during that time period.

Once we had identified their most profitable channel was their own email list, it was important for us to understand the value of each opt-in vs. the cost of acquiring each opt-in. These numbers were astonishing. We determined that the total investment, including media costs and licensing, during this 4 month span resulted in a CPA of $1.08/opt-in compared to the $3.56 value each opt-in represented to their bottom line.

Needless to say, they were impressed with our work and decided to partner with us on future campaigns. When they understood that working with our platform was providing them more than a 3 to 1 return on their investment, they wanted to accelerate the growth of their opt-in list.

If you are in the eCommerce world and haven’t identified which channels are providing the best ROI or how important your Owned/Earned Media is, it can cost you a fortune.

Contact us today to activate your current prospects and turn leads into paying customers. We will leverage your database and accelerate the acquisition of new consumers.

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