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Measure the impact of your social media spend.

Influencer Marketing and Analytics

We prove the value of Influencer Marketing and Analytics. Our platform tracks visitors, sharing and conversions by channel. Get to know your brand’s Mavens and how to target them more cost effectively.

Tracking Social Media Channels

We offer tracking links that can be added to any marketing channel. Our real time dashboard tells your your best channels, all you need to do is optimize your marketing dollars to match!

  • Social

  • Direct Mail

  • Email

  • Print

  • Radio

  • TV

Map connections between influencers and across channels.

Amplify your social reach.

Powerful Marketing At Your Fingertips

Use our simple sharing widget and amplify the reach of your marketing. Make it easy for your customers to share your offers within their own networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Our real time dashboard measures the impact of that sharing, giving you the power of word-of-mouth marketing with results at your fingertips.

Popularity Counter
More Than Just a Popularity Score

More than just a popularity score, MavenSocial will tell you who’s who and who is making an impact for your brand.

Our tools give you actionable analytics based on visits, opt-ins and conversions, and powerful information about your brand’s Mavens.

Join the leading edge of influencer marketing.

Build an Asset

True integration of social data into a functional CRM database. We help you build your best owned media asset: a database of your brand’s influencers – those already proven to drive the lowest cost per lead/acquisition.

The ‘Magic’ of Influencer Marketing

We know that this can all seem like a bit of a mystery, so here is how our platform works without given away all of our secrets.

As customers share your offers with friends, MavenSocial identifies and builds a database of your brand’s influencers with social data they have provided through opt-ins or conversions. We layer that with our MavenScore, social profiles and other key insights to generate a connection map. This connection map allows us to find the key influencers who make an impact with other customers.

Social CRM


Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is use of social media services, techniques and technology to enable organizations to engage with their customers.

This is the future of marketing, and it’s already here.

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