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Influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful marketing technique that places emphasis on using a key individual who influence their following. Influencer-authored stories are authentic and educate and influence followers on topics, product reviews, and other stories attracting engagement. A brand influencer can have a significant impact on everyday consumers buying behaviour. With MavenSocial’s new Influencer App, you can invite as many influencers as you want to your campaign, load the app with suggested content and let your influencers create unique blog posts using their authentic voice. Our automated system makes it easy to manage several to 100’s influencers in one place, all the while tracking social reach and impressions.

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MavenLite $99/month
MavenTeam $299/month
MavenPro $499/month

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Accelerate & Influence Revenues: eCommerce Non-Profit and Real Estate

Leverage your existing database of emails, likes, followers and capture net new prospects and revenues from the social networks connected with your database. You already know the value of your database. With Maven now reach and engage the 600 plus people on average in every persons social network. Through referrals or sharing your database will connect with their valuable friends and engage them. We call this amplification. MavenSocial tracks, measures and stores data from the amplification and reveals the power of a person's social network. In fact we take to the next step provide a MavenScore on all your influencers. Talk to us and we can help you with your referral or influencer program.

MavenSocial Platform

The MavenSocial platform has three integrated products; MavenLite for single influencer tracking, MavenTeam for managing and tracking a teams of influencers, MavenPro for landing pages, offer management and email. MavenSocial has the entire 360 campaign and captures the customer journey from initial touch through to purchase. The platform is a game-changer for B2C or B2B companies desiring to generate awareness and revenues with influencers and social media. Implement an effective influencer, affiliate, employee advocacy or referral program with our 14 day free trial program.

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